Just5 Launches New

Las Vegas, Nevada – United States January 1, 2010 Simplicity and modern technology were merged together this morning in a statement released by Just5, the newest player in the US cell phone market. With larger companies pushing “Smartphones” and complex mobile devices that do everything but cook you dinner, Just5 announced a line of “Spacephones” […]

Improve Cell Phone Signals With Cellular Repeater

Cellular Repeater leads the industry as a 40-year-old pioneer in cellular amplifiers, antennas, and connected components that have made for improvements in cellular communications for both mobile and building situations. The major work of the cellular repeater is to amplifies the signal. Using the Cellular Repeater you can easily get calls even when you are […]

Dialing International Mobile Phones Abroad

Calling international cellular phones is not a very difficult process. But it can cost you somewhat more if you do not do your research upfront. International Cell Phone Codes/Prefixes In most countries throughout the world, cellular phones are assigned exclusive mobile phone codes, also known as prefixes, within a country’s telephone numbering plan. While area […]