Mobile streaming movies straight to your cellphone

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We have all watched Mobile TV consisting of clips and grainy short films or music videos on our cell or mobile phones but now the providers are kicking our mobile viewing into full gear with full length TV episodes and movies. Because of increases in technology, the viewing experience on cell phones is although still small almost at broadcast quality video. The thing with mobile viewing is convenience, you can watch it whilst waiting for a bus or in a waiting room etc. Research by Forrester Research shows that presently around 7% of mobile phone customers watch video data on their phones, but the industry is presently experiencing massive growth. Revenue for Mobile video has increased to $308 million during the last three months of 2007 from a figure of $112 million during the same period from 2006. (data from Nielsen Mobile). Charles Golvin of Forrester Research says -If the pricing is reasonable, the experience is good and the selection of content is robust enough (and) it really behaves like TV, you’re going to see wide adoption-. AT&T is poised to launch its live Mobile TV service next month and will have channels from Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV. Customers who using this service will be able to view full length episodes of hit TV shows like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage and 30 Rock. There will also be a new movie channel, PIX from Sony Pictures that will show classic movies such as Groundhog Day, Bugsy, Ghostbusters and The Karate Kid amongst others. Sprint another major carrier has been showing movies since September 2006. Even Disney have become involved. Spokesman Rob Schonfeld:- -Everyone is really, really skeptical about who would want to watch movies on a little cellphone, but we are very pleasantly surprised,We entered it initially as an experiment, but we’re seeing it’s a real business.- Although its always been thought that watching movies on such a tiny screen would be less than popular, the reverse seems to be happening. Asked about the streaming of TV episodes and movies on cellphones, AT&T’s wireless unit vice president Mark Collins said:- -With networks and content distribution and devices evolving the way they are, and customers’ never-ending desire for wireless experiences, nothing surprises me today.- Verizon’s ESPN channel has shown live NBA videos of high quality which was only a second or so behind the satellite TV broadcast. Other cell phone providers have been offering VOD for about a year. Sprint has around 70 channels including major networks like CBS and popular TV episodes like Desperate Housewives and CSI, having available the last four episodes. Interestingly mobile phone TV viewers are happy to watch their tiny screen for long periods of time, with 47% of phone watchers viewing session lasting 15 minutes or more. A brave 25% will watch for 30 minutes plus.

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