Love ’em or Hate ’em, This Cell Phone is a Must Have

Chances are, you are in one of two groups when it comes to where you stand on cell phone use. You’re either the person that never leaves home without it, loves the ability to stay in touch with everyone from your lawn guy to your spouse at the touch of a button, and just can’t imagine how you lived before the invention of these nifty little gadgets. Or, you’re on the other side of the equation. You’re the person that got along fine for years without such a thing, are quite happy to not have someone call you just to say hi when you’re enjoying a peaceful walk in the woods, and the one fuming in the Starbucks line while the person ahead of you tells the server to hang on while they continue chatting inanely away.

Regardless of your particular view of the cell phone, they have a function that you may never have thought of. They can be a deterrent to a potential mugger or attacker! You may be thinking, well that’s just not true… someone will see you on your phone and think you’re distracted and that you’re a perfect target. Well, think about it. If a potential attacker is sizing you up, and you appear to be on the phone, it’s unlikely you’ll be chosen. The person on the other end of that phone can hang up and call 911. That person is likely to know exactly where you are, and you could be giving them a description of every person you see. That potential predator is most likely going to move on to someone who is more alone.

Do you know there is a perfect item out there for people on both sides of the cell phone fence? It’s a fake cell phone, loaded with 180,000 volts and a 130 decibal alarm. The sheer ear-piercing volume is usually enough to get that attacker hauling some serious ass in the other direction. But, if they’re foolish enough to think you’re still a viable target? Zap ’em with that voltage and run for help while he writhes helplessly on the ground in a puddle of his own urine! So, if you carry a cell phone, keep this extra one handy, particularly if you are alone. And for those of you who have managed to avoid this little bit of technology? Loosen up a little and carry one that lets you keep your peace and quiet without an annoying phonecall, but can save you from a potentially deadly situation.