Full Touch Screen Quad Band Dual Sim Cell Phone Support Bluetooth And Java

In modern society, with the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products update very fast, especially china cell phones. Almost every day, there will be new phone on the market.

Recently, ePathChina releases an attractive multifunction cell phone to meet the new growing demands. Except for those common features, it has some other charming functions.

1. Quad-band phone

It is also a quad-band phone that supports four-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz networks! It can be said, using this cell phone, you can use freely all over the world. So this phone is very suitable for international travelling and business.
It is very useful and easy.

However, if using previous bands, you should use 900MHz band network in China, but when you have to go to other foreign countries, even if you open international roaming, your cell phone will not be used because it does not support this band!

2. Dual SIM

It is a dual SIM phone. As far as we know, a dual SIM phone is very convenient and useful for our daily life, especially for those people who are on evection frequently. This dual SIM mobile, you can save telephone fees and time of exchange two SIMs. You just need switch two SIMs by pressing the button easily.

3. Bluetooth

Although it seems a common function to the nowadays mobile phone, Bluetooth still share its own attraction. People are used to transferring files via this wireless technology without charging.

4. Full Touch Screen

This is a touch screen phone. You can operate and enjoy all the functions via soft touch without pressing such a number of keys. It is very efficient and comfortable.

Besides, more fascinatingly, it enjoys a full screen. I believe there is no body will refuse to possess it, particularly those like watching movies and e-book etc. this touch screen mobile will give you a perfect visual effect.

5. Java Enabled

This mobile phone support java. You can download and install java into this phone, and experience a many games as you can.

In addition, it comes with a large 2 GB memory card and is able to store 1000 contact entries as well as an amazing stand-by time up to 400 hours.

Fantastic and attractive, isnt? Moreover, it is so cheap that every fan affords it. Take action quickly and make this superior phone yours. ePathChina is ready for providing first-class service to you.

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