Buying Your Kid A Cell Phone–beneficial Or Destructive

The issue of cell phone use in children is getting louder and louder these days. Parents are often divided in terms of agreeing and disagreeing in giving their children a cell phone. So what are really the offers of a cell phone for kids? Is it safe to say that they are beneficial to both children and parents? Or is it something destructive in the youthful lives of these kids?

Possible Disadvantages of Cell Phones in Children

Most adults view various disadvantages of cell phone for kids. One, they see that a cell phone can be a distraction to the studies of children. Instead of studying, children tend to invest more time calling and texting friends or using several apps like games, mp3 player, videos, and cameras. Plus, there are a lot of children safety risks with the use of a cell phone. For instance, if they are given a cell phone with Internet access, they can view sites at their own discretion. Hence, even if you ban sites in the family computer, they can easily use their phones to surf the Web. Hence, they may be exposed to various threats, especially that kids have the highest vulnerability to cyber bullying and scamming.

Benefits of Cell Phones in Children

It is true that there are some disadvantages to giving kids a cell phone for their own. However, this is not true to all cases. Giving the best cell phone for kids can bring the children away from the risks associated with owning a cell phone.

For instance, the Just5 Easyphone, an ideal cell phone for kids today, offers only basic features to its users. With its features limited to calls SMS, wireless FM radio, and built-in flash light, there is not much distraction children can experience with the ownership of such kind of phone. Plus, cell phones like the Just5 Easyphone are prepaid in nature. This limits the number of minutes your children can spend on the phone per month.

Moreover, cell phone in children can promote children safety at all times. Imagine if your child happens to be in an emergency situation alone such as being lost in the way home. If he has the best cell phone for kids with him, he can easily use it to contact you for help. In fact, some phones like Just5 have a personal emergency response system that promotes better safety and security of children.
In line with safety, a cell phone can increase accessibility of children. Parents like you can easily pass information to children even when you are away. A simple word of being late to pick him up after school is very helpful towards promoting your child”s safety better. Moreover, a cell phone can teach children responsibility. Owning a cell phone can be one way to teach your children responsible cell phone usage in accordance to the monthly limits you assign them.

A cell phone for kids has its own share of pros and cons. However, the question of whether it is beneficial or destructive can be answered depending on what kind of cell phone you give your children. Picking the right cell phone for your kids can encourage taking advantage of all benefits of a cell phone in children and staying away from the possible disadvantages it can bring.