Full Touch Screen Quad Band Dual Sim Cell Phone Support Bluetooth And Java

In modern society, with the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products update very fast, especially china cell phones. Almost every day, there will be new phone on the market. Recently, ePathChina releases an attractive multifunction cell phone to meet the new growing demands. Except for those common features, it has some other charming […]

Nokia N95 – Dual Sim Card Dual Standby Cell Phone From China

Nokia N95 ($ 66 usd) Source: http://www.esaleschina.com/dual-sim-card-dual-standby-mini-nokia-n95-unlocked-cell-phones-2221.htm Cheap Wholesale Dual Sim Card Dual Standby Mini Nokia N95 Unlocked Cell Phones Direct From China Cellphones Manufacturers Online.It Supports TFT Color Screen Parameters And So On. China Wholesale Dual Sim Card Dual Standby Mini Nokia N95 UnlockedCellphones Specification Screen parameter: TFT color screen parameters Main screen resolution: […]

How does mobile cell phone spy software work

Many cellular telephone users who want to check out what other individuals are doing would like to know something. That may be, how can mobile spy phone software work? Would it help acquire accurate information as well as details concerning the cellphone usage of others or can it provide only basic information? Well, for starters, […]

s And 80s Mobile Phones

Although mobile telephones have existed in some fashion or another since the 1950s, these were primarily 2 way radios with a phone operator on the stationary end. The first mobile telephones as we now know them emerged in the 1970s, with the emergence of six sided cell transmitters and automated handover technology, which allowed you […]

How To Dry Out A Wet Cell Phone

How To Dry Out A Wet Cell Phone Of course, remove the wet cell phone from the water as soon as possible. If it is soaked, or waterlogged, do not take it out of the water yet. Open the wet cellphone and remove the battery while it is still under water. This should eliminate arcing, […]