s And 80s Mobile Phones

Although mobile telephones have existed in some fashion or another since the 1950s, these were primarily 2 way radios with a phone operator on the stationary end. The first mobile telephones as we now know them emerged in the 1970s, with the emergence of six sided cell transmitters and automated handover technology, which allowed you […]

How To Dry Out A Wet Cell Phone

How To Dry Out A Wet Cell Phone Of course, remove the wet cell phone from the water as soon as possible. If it is soaked, or waterlogged, do not take it out of the water yet. Open the wet cellphone and remove the battery while it is still under water. This should eliminate arcing, […]

How to get Details of a Mobile or Phone Number Details

A reverse cell phone lookup is cleanly a procedure of finding someone’s name, address and extra related information by their cell phone number. Here are many websites on the Internet offering reverse cell phone searches. Some of them maintain to be free; others need a small fee before you can right to use background information […]

Phone Chargers Lifeline Of Mobile Phones

A new phone from a brand often comes with a phone charger – original, genuine and tested one. The phone charger, though not given as much importance or attention, is the most important part of your mobile phone kit. Fine, it is not more important than the cellphone itself, but then again, next to the […]