Just5 Launches New

Las Vegas, Nevada – United States January 1, 2010 Simplicity and modern technology were merged together this morning in a statement released by Just5, the newest player in the US cell phone market. With larger companies pushing “Smartphones” and complex mobile devices that do everything but cook you dinner, Just5 announced a line of “Spacephones” […]

What To Look For When Buying A Mobile Or Cell Phone

Cell phones are arguably one of the best inventions of our modern age. Cell phones allow us to keep in touch no matter where we are globally and have proven to be life saving tools in countless emergencies. Designers, however, have long surpassed the ambition of simply designing a product that will make a phone […]

Spybubble Cell Phone Spy Software

It is claimed that nowadays average mobile phone users spend more time on their phones than ever before. There are various reasons for this claim for example the fact that mobile phone technology changes constantly, new features get added, most phones provide internet access and social media sites can be accessed at any time. So […]

Dangerous Things About Cell Phones

Cellular phones, practically everyone has one. Some even have a couple! I can’t imagine how I can manage deadlines and communicate with my peers or clients without the use of cell phones. However, despite this technological wonder. One should be wary and careful of its dangers. Well the cell phone itself isn’t really dangerous but […]

Impact Of China Mobile Phones

China Mobile Phones have revolutionized wireless communication and have broken the barriers of geography and distance for global communication. They have changed the socio-cultural-economic dynamics of communities and countries. The impact of China Mobile Phones on society, business, entertainment and life has been far-reaching. Wholesale Electronics Cell phone usage has heralded a new era of […]