Why You Need A Contract-free Bell Cell Phone

Was your Bell cell phone lost or stolen? Or through regular use, was it broken? If youre thinking about getting your replacement phone through Bell, heres the problem: Bell cannot offer you a discount on a replacement Bell phone while youre in a contract. Instead, youll have to pay full price for phones that start […]

People Say They Can’t Call My Mobile Phone

This is one of the most misunderstood problems by clients and customer service reps alike. Most of the time, when a person hears that their friend can’t call them, they twist the issue around and say “my phone can’t receive calls”. Let’s be clear about something: if you try to trouble-shoot this from a “can’t […]

How To Save Mobile Phone Dropped In Water

Have you ever dropped your mobile in the sink or the toilet? Did you run through the washer while leaving it in your pocket? Are you swimming while mobile in your pocket? How can you safe your mobile in water, just consider these simple steps. 1. Take it out of the water as early as […]

China Pda Smartphone – Microsoft Cell Phone – Window Mobile Phone From China

China PDA Smartphone ($ 264 usd) Source: http://www.esaleschina.com/quadband-pda-smart-phone-windows-6-mobile-phone-with-camera-wifi-java-1456.htm China Manufacturers Wholesale Quadband PDA Smart Phone with Windows 6 – 2.0MP high-definition Camera – WIFI – JAVA – 3.2 Inch from China. Knowledge of Window Mobile Phones Windows Mobile for Pocket PC is Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone software platform for smartphones. Windows Mobile will be […]